Are you in the Presence of a Psychic Vampire?

Psychic Vampire

Have you ever found yourself losing all energy for no apparent reason? You may find that you become irritable, tired, stressed, all despite being in a fun or relaxed environment? It’s possible that you’re in the presence of one or more spiritual vampires. Not to be confused with Dracula, these beings are just like you or me. The only difference is that they absorb emotional or spiritual energy without giving any back. In this article we will explore the basic concept of psychic vampirism and we’ll look at how to deal with psychic vampires.

What is a Psychic Vampire?

So what is a psychic vampire? If you’ve ever watched a movie about the mythical blood-sucking vampire then you’ll have at least a slight understanding. This type of vampire doesn’t suck blood or have fangs or turn into a bat. Instead, they absorb emotional and spiritual energy when their own energy becomes depleted.

It’s important to note that they do not do this intentionally and so they shouldn’t be held fully responsible for their actions. This can be a little difficult to understand at first so let’s look at an example. Imagine any healthy relationship: a mother and daughter, a boyfriend and girlfriend, two best friends…what all of these relationships have in common is that all energy exchanges (emotional and spiritual) are balanced.

One person may absorb energy from the other but the roles switch. Neither is consciously aware of this but it’s just the natural way of things. A spiritual vampire is someone who takes the energy but offers none in return. This leads to an imbalance and ultimately results in negative feelings and emotions. But how can you spot one of these vampires?

Spotting a Vampire

There are a few signs that can indicate whether or not somebody is a psychic vampire. The main trait this individual will possess is low energy levels. They will seem drained, unmotivated, withdrawn, isolated and they may sometimes seem a little broken.

You’ll find that they are frequently emotional and require more comforting and reassurance than most people and no matter how much they receive, it’s never enough. Hence where they get their name from! Remember though, they don’t choose this path. You’re probably wondering how to spot a vampire attack so let’s take a look.

Are you Being Attacked?

If you’re worried that you are the victim of an attack, these are some of the signs that you can watch out for. The obvious examples would be feelings of being drained or losing energy. This can be physical, mental or spiritual energy. You might feel a little dizzy, suffer from headaches, struggle to sleep properly, or even find that you’re grumpy and irritable.

If you find this is happening around one person in particular and they display some of the mentioned psychic vampire traits then you’ll need to take a course of action in order to prevent any further attacks.

Attack Protection

Knowing how to stop a psychic vampire is essential if you routinely find yourself in the company of one. You won’t need garlic or wooden stakes but you will need a form of protection. Some of the more simple protection methods include energy shields or invoking white light. However, simply being aware that this person is a vampire can sometimes be enough to limit or halt their energy draining.

If nothing seems to help then other options include limiting interactions with this individual, removing yourself from situations that involve just the two of you or cutting them out of your life altogether. This final option should be viewed as a last resort, only to be used in extreme circumstances. 

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