What is karmic numerology?

karmic numerology

Karmic numerology helps understand, or even become aware of our successive reincarnations,and helps leave the cycle of our own karma. A quick spiritual evolution can allow someone to choose their future reincarnation.

Karma and previous life

Each and every life is governed by the law of karma, that is, by forces that prompt us to reincarnate according to the deeds that were done during a previous life.
Karmic lessons teach us why we are following our path of destiny so that we can make amends for the mistakes we may have committed in previous lives.
The key in karmic numerology is the inclusion, i.e. the conversion into numbers of first names and last names. It enables to know more about your previous lives.

How to calculate your karma?

In karmic numerology, inclusion is calculated based on the first name and last name. Married women have to use their maiden name.
Every alphabet letter is put in the boxes of the karmic table (also called inclusion table) in the following way:

                         A J S                B K T               C L U                             1          2          3
                         D M V             E N W              F O X                           4          5          6
                         C P Y               H Q Z              I R                                 7          8          9

S E A N    D U M O N T                      
1 5 1 5      4 3 4 6 5 2

There are ten letters with different values.

  • 2 Letters equal to the value 1                    
  • 1 Letter equal to the value 2          
  • 1 Letter equal to the value 3          
  • 2 Letters equal to the value 4
  • 3 Letters equal to the value 5        
  • 1 Letter equal to the value 6                     
  • 0 Letter equal to the value 7                     
  • 0 Letter equal to the value 8                     
  • 0 Letter equal to the value 9    

Every letter linked to a given value must be included in the corresponding box of the table appearing below:

                     1          2          3                     
4          5          6
7          8          9

For the first line of this table, proceed this way:

Number of letters with a value equal to1 – Number of letters with a value equal to 2 – Number of letters with a value equal to 3

Do the same for the 2nd and 3rd lines.

In the example of Sean DUMONT, here’s what we get:

2          1          1
2          3          1
0          0          0


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Interpret the calculation of your karma Each letter, depending on its numerical value, represents a trait of your personality. The numbers that are missing are called karmic numbers.

They refer to a gap that must be filled. The overabundance of some values represents a problem that must be fixed.
To be able to assess whether the numbers linked to letters that you obtain are considered as karmic or dominant numbers, refer to the following scale.
Number of letters with a value:

  • 1, 5 or 9: Cannot represent more than 30% of the total of the numbers (which are linked to the lettersthat make up the first name and last name).
  • 2: The total of the number of letters linked to number 2 must be inferior to the one that appears in box 1.
  • 3, 4, 6, 7 or 8: Only one letter is enough.

Be careful, what may seem to be out of proportion or a percentage that’s too high for someone, sometimes turns out to represent balance for someone else.

If a karmic table is dominated by negative aspects, hardships might become more numerous. That will, however, not prevent you from succeeding.

Conversely, if harmony is predominant in the karmic table, it heralds favorable events. Do not, however, come to the conclusion that your life will inevitably be easy.
Once the calculation of your karma is carried out, you will discover its meaning:

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