What is cartomancy?

Is there anything more useful than cartomancy to know your future? Card reading is a genuine art, both complex and quite ancient, and its secrets and mysteries are only unveiled to the most dedicated enthusiasts.

Cartomancy and tarot reading

Cartomancy is the art of card reading. This divinatory practice is among the most ancient ones and assuredly one of the most complex. When a cartomancer uses a tarot deck, this art is then called “tarot reading” or even “taromancy”.
Otherwise, cartomancy uses regular card decks, though there are various kinds:

  • the French deck,
  • the English deck,
  • or the Spanish deck. 

As such, cartomancy is very different from tarot reading. Cartomancy lets you find some answers that mainly focus on the outside world, or concrete elements regarding:

  • love
  • vitality
  • work

Whereas tarot reading can unveil deeper and more psychological elements. 

The history of cartomancy 

Cartomancy can be traced back to the East, most specifically India and China where divinatory cards were already in use a very long time ago: 4,000BC.

In India, divinatory cards were called "Ganjifa" and they were used in conjunction with other divination tools:

  • dices,
  • Papyrus "flying paper"
  • Or even dominos.

These rudimentary cards evolved around the year 1,000AD when the Chinese invented dotted card, numbered using red or black dots. Indian and Chinese card games spread all over the world throughout the centuries.

This divinatory art took root in Europe as early as the Middle Ages.


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Card decks used for cartomancy 

There is more than a single kind of card deck. There are also several different oracles.

The most common deck is the 52-card deck (also called the European deck) and its 32-card variant (also called English deck).

They are both based on the 4 suits:

  • Spades represent action
  • Clubs are tied to the realm of material possessions
  • Diamonds refer to energy and motion
  • Hearts deal with emotional matters 

In Cartomancy, if you want to perform a card reading, the 32-card deck is probably the best-suited one. 

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