The Meaning of Mirror Hours

The Meaning of Mirror Hours

Mirror hours are a strange phenomenon tied to both numerology and astrology that can be triggered at any time. With a casual glance at your watch, and suddenly the hour that you are reading is numerically equal to the minutes. As such, mirror hours start at 00:00 and end at 11:11pm.

Mirror hours and synchronicity

This is an astonishing phenomenon tied to the notion of synchronicity discovered by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875 - 1961). Synchronicity is the simultaneous happenstance of two events that do not have any obvious causality link.
In other words: they are two phenomena that happen at the same time when neither is the direct consequence of the other.
As such, there is nothing linking your looking at your watch, alarm clock or grandfather clock, and their displaying a mirror hour at the same time! However, there must be a reason – even if you do not know it – that can explain why you have looked at the time at that specific moment.

The symbolism of mirror hours

You can draw some meaning from these double hours regarding your existence in general, it might be:

  • to solve a problem
  • to find love
  • to be lucky
  • to increase the odds of a money income
  • to strengthen the bonds of friendship
  • to get a job or a promotion…

As mentioned above, numbers do hold the power to give you strong insights into your personal life and issues affecting it. But not all numbers have that power. You have to know the specific numbers that can bring you fortune, success and happiness. 

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Seeing the same hours and minutes is neither a coincidence nor random happenstance. Double hours all have very specific meanings. Supreme Forces at work in the universe thus send you messages that you can decipher by following some advice.


Here are the meanings of mirror hours:

Feel free to discover them in order to learn how to use mirror hours in your daily life. To that end, use the explanations that are the most meaningful in your situation, that find an echo within your existence in general or in a specific area.

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