The Expression Number - Know your first and last names mean according to numerology

the expression number

Drawing up a numerological profile cannot be improvised. If you want to create it as comprehensively as possible, one of the major components is the person’s full name. Such personal information will be particularly important elements for the numerological calculations. Among said calculations, it is notably interesting to focus on the expression number and what it means.

The meaning of your first and last names through the expression number

The expression number is a piece of numerological data obtained by taking into account the full name of the person. The expression number is an echo of the defining and individualizing parts of every human being, namely:

  • their behavior
  • their strengths
  • their weaknesses

It allows you to know anyone’s profile regarding the main areas that are the essential components of life, in other words:

  • the working environment
  • the social life
  • love

Regarding the aspect of sentimental life, the expression number is important because it draws the outline of your desires, sentimental reactions, and power of attraction.
The expression number is under the influence of the life path. Indeed, some complications might arise depending on some life path numbers.


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Calculation of the expression number to know the meaning of your first and last names

 This numerological calculation is very easy to perform. Just refer to the table below for each letter in order to see which number from 1 to 9 it corresponds to:


The expression number is calculated when you add the letters from your last name to those of your first name. This is akin to adding the active number to the heredity number.
Married women should use their maiden name.

The total you get must be a number between 1 and 9, which will be your expression number.
Example: For someone called Julia Newman

1.  Calculation of the active number using the first name:
J + U + L + I + A
= 1 + 3 +3 + 9  + 1
= 17
= 1 + 7
= 8
 Julia Newman’s active number is 8.
2. Calculation of the heredity number using the last name:
N + E +W + M + A + N
= 5 + 5 + 5 + 4 + 1 + 5
= 25
= 2 + 5
= 7
Julia Newman’s heredity number is 7.
3. Calculation of the expression number from the full name:
J + U + L + I + A + N + E +W + M + A + N
= Active Number + Heredity Number
= 8 + 7
= 15
= 1 + 5
= 6
>> Julia Newman’s expression number is 6.

Once you have calculated your own expression number, you can discover the meaning of your full name (first and last names):
For a complete numerological analysis, I would advise you to proceed with the free calculation of your life path. And if you want to further that analysis, you will most likely be interested in the page about name numerology, and those about numerological charts.  

Using your first and last names, you can also calculate, say, your active number.

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