What is a psychic reader?

Maria the clairvoyant

How could you define psychic reading? This divination method is used by someone, a psychic, who can perceive events from the future, present, or past. Clairvoyance has been an intriguing topic since the dawn of time, faced with the fear of what tomorrow might bring. It has helped many people to learn more about their future, but also to find their own way and learn their life path.

My psychic gifts: a talent that helps me to know anyone better

Before I focused on online readings, when people still came to me in a consultation room, they were often impressed to see that I already knew much about them before they even said a word. They were surprised, intrigued, and fascinated. If I had no clairvoyance abilities and if I ended up face to face with someone who had developed such extra sensory perceptions, I would have been impressed too.

My psychic gifts have always enabled me to hear other people’s thoughts as clearly as my own. I know beforehand what people are about to ask me, but I always prefer to let them use their own words! Such intuitive knowledge allows me to learn events from the future, present and past of that person.

I can immediately perceive any aspect of their personality and their worries, whether it is about their romantic, professional, or even financial future. I admit that it can be slightly unsettling to call on an online psychic to manage your own problems, so it would be even worse if I took words right out of their mouth! Verbalization has therapeutic virtues for the inquirer!

When most people ask me for clairvoyant predictions over the Internet or by mail, they are in genuine pain, but most of all they need to talk, to be comforted, and to communicate in a world where there has never been as many ways to communicate… but as little actual communication!

The question that must be asked is thus, “Is a psychic reader some kind of psychologist?

My answer would be, “We are not psychologists, but we are better than psychologists!

A psychologist does not want to know who you are, but whether or not you fit their vision of normality. If you do not fit their criteria, they will try to shoehorn you in a box by trying to change your behavior to fit the society you live in!

As for me, as a renowned psychic, I do not want and will not try to turn you into someone else. But using your past experiences, your personality and your problems, I can help you to get a hold of your current life and of your future. I do not want to change who you are in any way. My predictions will always protect your free will, and your freedom to be who you really are.